Ladies and gentlemen, when we think of Alabama football, we’ve grown accustomed to high-octane offenses, putting up 40, 50 points a game like it’s second nature. This season, something feels different. The Alabama offense we’ve come to know and love has been elusive, leaving fans yearning for the explosive plays and sheer dominance we’ve grown accustomed to. Offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, well, let’s just say expectations haven’t been met. We’ve seen glimpses of brilliance, moments where we thought the Tide was about to turn the corner, only to be left disappointed. However, there’s a glimmer of hope when they entered the bye week. They came off one of their strongest offensive showings against Tennessee. Is this a turning point, or just a fleeting moment of brilliance?

Nick Saban’s Alabama offense has always been synonymous with excellence, but this season, it’s been a different story. I mean, just take a look at the numbers. They’re currently sitting at No. 78 in total offense, No. 77 in passing, and No. 76 in rushing. Now, when we’re talking about the Crimson Tide, those rankings are simply not up to par. Their highest ranking is at No. 50 in scoring. That’s a far cry from what we’re used to seeing. It’s not just us, it’s not just the fans, it’s former Crimson Tide players who are feeling the frustration.

Mike McCoy vs Mississippi State in 2008 in Tuscaloosa • Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One of those legends is Mike McCoy, a former wide receiver and a key part of that 2009 national championship team. He, like many others, is watching this offense closely and yearning for the days when Alabama’s offense struck fear into the hearts of every opponent.

I had the chance to catch up with Mike McCoy for an interview. Let me tell you, he didn’t waste any time sharing his thoughts on the offense’s development this season. “From this season, starting off, I thought we were up Sh*t Creek. Just to be transparent, I still think this offense is unseasoned chicken.”

Now, Mike McCoy made quite an analogy, and I must say, it hit the bullseye. There’s no need for sugarcoating when it comes to the state of this offense. Just to break it down for you, he went on to elaborate on what he meant by the term “unseasoned chicken.” “I don’t feel like we maximize the weapons that we (Alabama) have. We have 5 or 6 wide receivers on that sideline. We don’t run double moves or anything specific for anybody. Honestly, I have to apologize to (former offensive coordinator) Bill O’Brien. I thought he was the problem last year. This looks the same if you ask me,” McCoy pointed out.

Kendrick Law vs Tennessee in Tuscaloosa • Photo By John David Mercer/USA Today Sports

It’s tough to dispute that assessment. The play calling from Rees, well, it’s been, at best, quite ordinary. Sometimes, it almost feels like we’re watching plays drawn up from a Tecmo Bowl playbook, folks. It’s a far cry from the promises he made in that press conference just before the season kicked off. He talked about tailoring decisions to the unique talents of his personnel, but we’re left wondering where that philosophy has gone. Kendrick Law, a player with immense talent, was nowhere to be found until the Tennessee game. Jalen Milroe, he’s been asked to stay in the pocket instead of using his skills on the perimeter. Pre-snap motion, an effective tool, has been strangely underused. Don’t get me started on how mismatch Amari Niblack seems to disappear for long stretches. There’s more to unpack, but you get the picture.

When you look at Tommy Rees and the talent he’s got in that stable, it’s absolutely mind-boggling, folks. He’s got these studs, these absolute playmakers, but for some reason, they’re not being turned loose. McCoy, he’s not just sitting back and letting this slide, no siree! He’s calling it like he sees it, and he’s demanding that this offense reaches its full potential. It’s a situation that’s got everyone scratching their heads, and McCoy’s not holding back on his frustration. “You have the capabilities. You have the playmakers. I don’t think we use Roydell (Williams) enough. I mean come on. You have all these foreign cars over there, but we ain’t driving them. You don’t have to change the oil on these cars. All you gotta do is put them on the highway,” he exclaimed.

Jalen Milroe Stiff-Arms Tennessee Defender • Photo By John David Mercer/USA Today Sports

Mike has also been watching the development of Jalen Milroe, the Alabama quarterback. It’s been moving at a snail’s pace, which is downright frustrating. He’s not mincing words here. Mike believes that Tommy Rees isn’t calling plays to fully unleash the potential of that young quarterback. It’s a situation that’s got McCoy scratching his head, “You got a quarterback who is the prototype of what the NFL is going to because the running back is becoming obsolete. I got a quarterback who can run like a Derrick Henry and throw like Mike Vick. So, why are we not maximizing him?”

McCoy’s concerns are absolutely valid, especially with LSU on the horizon. You see, the Tigers currently boast the nation’s top offense, but here’s the twist: the Crimson Tide’s defense is as elite as it gets. LSU’s defense, well, let’s just say it’s not in great shape, much like Alabama’s offense. To make matters worse, LSU’s missing key players. In a matchup that’s playoff-like, the Tide will need to be red-hot. The big question is, can they pull it off, and will it leave Mike McCoy satisfied? We’re all in for an exciting showdown this weekend, folks!