Tonight, we have a special episode of “Crimson Dynasty”. We are joined by the best offensive lineman in the country, Jaeden Roberts! He’s here to talk about the current state of the Alabama Crimson Tide! First, we answer the burning question, “What made him stay after Nick Saban retired?” With so many departing, he decided to remain locked in. We talk about the “why” behind it. Next, we address the transfers out and long with those who are coming in. What surprised him the most? How does it affect his current view of the team? Was this what the team needed? Then, we address the leadership aspect of those who stayed. He along with Jalen Milroe, Malachi Moore, Deontae Lawson, Tyler Booker, and a host of others are taking charge. How have they stepped up? Lastly, we discuss the Kalen DeBoer era and get a “look ahead” to the highly anticipated A-Day Game! We talk about how excited he is about both! – Crimson Dynasty is hosted by C’Chi Payne, Hannah Stephens, and Dan James of “The Final Whistle”. – All content produced by The Bama Standard Network©️ and is exclusive property of The Bama Standard Network©️. Usage of any content must be obtained by expressed written consent. Failure to do so could result in legal action. – #CollegeFootball #AlabamaFootball #RollTide